Monday, September 24, 2018

Unity In Christ

Sally and I worshiped on board ship during our anniversary cruise.  It was a little like heaven, with people from all over the world worshiping God together.
   When we returned, we worshiped at the Armenian cathedral in Burbank with the Armenian Patriarch. Sally was an invited guest clergyperson because of her ecumenical work.  Though it was mostly in Armenian, we could see the presence of the Holy Spirit in those gathered.
  FLC celebrated the 500th anniversary of the Lutheran Reformation in October as well.
   This was not a time to honor our divisions, but to celebrate our unity in Christ, and the ongoing Lutheran movement to remind all Christians of salvation by faith alone, through grace alone and authority for faith and life through the Bible alone.
   We have unity in the Church through our common relationship with Jesus Christ.
   That is something to celebrate!

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