Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Them Changes

Facebook made some changes recently, and more are on the way. Not everybody is pleased.
Change is hard, even when it is for the better. And, change is not always for the better.
With regard to Facebook, I think that the current changes will be absorbed, and 3 months from now most people will look at them as embodying “the good old days”.
What we regard as “traditional” is sometimes nothing more than what we’re used to.
God, however, never changes.
Our perceptions may change, but God does not.
This is why we can never come to think that we “know” God in any intellectual sense. God is wholly “other”. God is our Creator, and we cannot “know” God any more than a clay pot can know its potter. The end of the Bible’s book of Job, the great story about the meaning of human suffering, ends with God’s declaration, in effect saying “I’m God, and you’re not.”
And yet, in another paradox of the Christian faith, we seek to know Gid, as we have been fully known. To know God in this sense is not to understand God, but to be in a personal, even an intimate relationship with God.
The only way we can know God is in our relationship, the same way we are known.
Our world, at least our understanding of it, is changing all the time. Some say change is the world’s only constant.
Yet God, who never changes, the Creator of the universe, who is both engaged with the world and outside it, is therefore always present with is through whatever changes in our lives.
Human perception of God may change, but God never changes. God has come and revealed God’s self to us in Jesus Christ, so that even children can “know God”, shaming those who presume to be wise.