Thursday, April 28, 2011

Spiritual Relationships

How do we live as Christians in a world that is not our home? What does it mean to be in the “already-but-not-yet” Kingdom of God?
One of the ways we answer these, and other “big” questions is by cultivating spiritual relationships. They are what we were created for.
The largest and most significant spiritual relationship we have is our connection to the Body of Christ, the Church. We cultivate them within our congregation at FLC in particular.
Being a part of a Bible Study, a worship service, or community service activity does not necessarily embody spiritual relationships. That takes intention. It takes conversation about faith issues, our relationship with Jesus, and our daily walk with him.
But the relationships we form at Faith Lutheran Church can be among the most meaningful in our lives. Here we learn, and grow, and hold one another accountable in a community.
In addition, our friendships, our mentoring, our life as Christ’s disciples, the Biblical shaping of our ethics and our morals that we share are what constitute spiritual relationships.
Spiritual relationships are a mark of what it means to be a disciple.