Saturday, August 1, 2015


   What rules your life?  Whatever you place at the center of your life and look to in times of need is your god, Martin Luther said.

   In Jesus, however, we have been set free from the rules, from the tyrannical god called “Me”.

   Instead, we have been given a relationship.

   The Christian life does have values and ethics and morality and beliefs.  The rules are within. 

   God accepts us as we are, but God never leaves us as we are.  The rules are within, where God rules.
   Our lives are not a series of have-to-do’s but of want-to-do’s, whose content is revealed through the Holy Sprit in a living relationship with the one true living God.  They are lived as they have been transformed, from the inside, out.

   We love as we do because God first loved us.  We live as we do because God first died for us.  That death created a relationship.  It did not abolish the rules, it fulfilled them.  (Matthew 5:17)

   Let us live our lives ruled by our love for the living God, and loving one another and the world in response to God’s first transformational power and love for us.