Monday, September 24, 2018

The Body of Christ

   The primary image the Bible gives us for the Church is the Body of Christ.
   The word “member” means “a part of the body”.
   As a body, we have  many members, but each functions for the good of all, guided by the love of God in Jesus Christ, the head of the body.   
   We do not ask, “What do you want to do?”, but “What do you think God wants us to be doing?” and “How can we help?”
   That is what draws us together.
   Our current political climate helps us remember once again that God does not care which party is in power.  God cares for the welfare of all people, and calls us to seek good government for the good of all.
   We may disagree about what constitutes “good government”, but we are united in the Body of Christ as members of it.  And, the world desperately needs a model of unity in diversity right now.

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