Monday, September 24, 2018


   It’s been said that clergy never retire, they just get put out to pastor.
   That’s kind of where I am this month.
   I believe it is time to retire.  That doesn’t mean Sally and I won’t be busy.  We’ll do differed maintenance on the house.  We’ll do differed maintenance on me.  We’ll travel, we’ll read.  And, we’ll look for ministries we can do together.
   I believe that when pastor’s are ordained, they are called to serve the whole Church, at particular places or in particular tasks.
   My call, and Sally and my call, hasn’t ended. It will be different, and the congregation will be served by another pastor.
   My call here will end so that another can begin.
   We remain, however, a part of that larger Church, the Body of Christ together.
   I thank God for you, your love for me and my family,  and for all we have done together in God’s name.
   God bless you now and always.


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