Monday, September 24, 2018


   It’s hot!  It’s always hot during the LA County Fair, but this year, it’s really hot.
   Some will remember the time in our previous worship building when we didn’t have air-conditioning.
   Most of our members had AC in our homes, so we installed it in our worship space.  It went in the week before a big wedding.   Temps were over 100 degrees.  The church was packed.  I said to the congregation before the wedding that I bet they were glad they were there the Saturday after AC, rather than the Saturday before!
   After the service, a gentleman came out to shake my hand and said that he didn’t think churches should be air-conditioned.  He thought people should have to sit there and consider the alternative.
   He had a point, but only for those who are perishing.
   We have been saved by God’s eternal Grace.  That’s pretty cool!

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