Monday, September 24, 2018

Reflection of The Light

   The Epiphany is coming.  This is the season that we reflect upon Christmas.  It is the Light breaking into the darkness.
   Here are the numbers:
   3 dedicated Christmas worship services.  The world expects that.
   4 gifts to the 12 boys in Leroy’s Boys Home’s Swain Cottage and dozens of homemade cookies for all the cottages.
   340 gifts to the House of Ruth for survivors of domestic violence.
   235 (plus about 35 more) cold weather clothing items for Love I.N.C. (in the Name of Christ).
   364 personalized signed Christmas for hospitalized veterans in Loma Linda.
   318 gifts for the resident of the Casa Bonita Convalescent Hospital next door.
   And more!
   Those are the ways we embody the birth of Christ.
   The world doesn’t expect that.
   To the world, that’s an Epiphany!

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