Monday, September 24, 2018

Promoting Martin Luther

   One of our younger members asked me why we never talk about Martin Luther.
   He said that he had been taking a music appreciation class.  His professor spoke about what a great man Martin Luther was and how much he had changed church music, emphasized congregational singing, composed hymns, and used the language of the people.
   I explained that we, as Luther desired, preach Jesus, and not Luther.
   Luther had, in fact, directed all of his writings to be burned upon his death.  He wanted people to read the Bible, not Luther.                          
   This coming year leading to the 500 anniversary of Luther’s Reformation we will be putting  great deal of emphasis on Martin Luther, and his recovery of the Gospel!

   Many (most?) people benefit from the work of Martin Luther without knowing the source.
   This year, we will tell them.  

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