Monday, September 24, 2018


   Some say we are now in a Golden Age of TV. 
   Shows on a multitude of channels, commercial and cable, Netflix and Amazon, and YouTube, and emerging platforms, are drawing huge volumes of viewers.
   Sometimes, though, there’s nothing on.
   And so, I found myself watching a TV evangelist the other day.
   What interested me most was how often he said, “The Bible says…”
   He was teaching from a story of King David and the bad treatment of his Mighty Men (think special forces), and his theme was how the Bible teaches us to deal with opposition.
   The Bible text itself, however, was about how God works among God’s people.
   Popular culture defines Christianity as a self-help therapy to make us feel better about ourselves.
   The Bible says we need a Savior.  I’ll go with that.
For life-coaching, I’ll swap a Golden Age for The Golden Rule, anytime.

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