Friday, April 8, 2016

What's Most Important?

   What is most important for us in 2016?  What is the first thing that comes to mind?

   I think many, if not most, of us would say “world peace”.

   We are very good at knowing the right things to say.  Ask any beauty contestant.  But that is not always what we really want to live for.

   That’s why my hero Lyle Schaller says that when you ask a congregation, “What do me need more of around here?”,  The answer is always “Bible Study!”

   But when another Bible Study is prepared, the faithful who come to everything are the only one’s who show up.

   Do we know what we we want, what we would place a the center of our lives and turn to in times of need,?

   Jesus is the way that leads to all good thing.   We respond naturally to God’s sacrifice on the cross with an absolute desire to please God.  

   That’s a life lived with importance.


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